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I helped found and lead Exothermic Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching high school students about robotics. With my help, Exothermic Robotics attracted 16 students in its first year and almost 40 the next year, making it one of the largest organizations at the school.

As a member of the club, I participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge with Team 417, fielding a robot named Captain Hook. We placed well in our state championships, and we won an "Innovate" award for demonstrating ingenuity and innovation in robot engineering and for playing the game in a unusual, creative and successful manner.


I joined the Humanoid Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech in my first semester at Tech. While there, I helped write drivers for several major robotics components, including a Schunk SDH robotic hand and a Schunk LWA-3 lightwieght robotic arm. I also helped write control software and platform documentation for Golem Krang, an autonomous humanoid robot developed for heavy service tasks. I also participated in the paper-writing and paper-reveiwing processes for the lab, and even presented a paper of my own in association with the HRL.