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I am a computer programmer, an aspiring software developer and computer scientist, and a current student of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My interests lie mostly in robotics, artificial intelligence, and computational theory, but I'm a fan of just about everything computer-related. I also dabble in mathematics and physics, mostly as offshoots of computer science. I spend most of my free time hacking, reading, playing tabletop RPGs with friends, surfing the web, or obsessively clicking through every link on some wikipedia article.

I decided that computers were cool back in middle school, and from there things developed as you might expect. My interest in robotics eventually led me to help start Exothermic Robotics, a nonprofit organization that participates in a number of major high school robotics competitions. Exothermic Robotics now counts over a hundred high school students and a dozen adult advisers as members, and sends multiple teams to world competitions annually, earning dozens of awards.

I enrolled at Georgia Tech immediately after graduating high school, in 2008. Not quite content with my classes, I joined the Humanoid Robotics Laboratory, founded by Professor Mike Stilman and located at Georgia Tech's Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines. In my two years there, I helped write code to control a Schunk Dexterous Hand and a matching Schunk LWA-3 lightweight robotic arm. The arm and hand are now mounted on Golem Krang, an autonomous humanoid robot designed for heavy service tasks. I also conducted some research into pure artificial intelligence. The results can be found in "Stable Stacking for the Distributor's Pallet Packing Problem", which was presented at IROS'10 in Taiwan.